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SKU : Vegesure500

Brand : AMA Herbal

Product Type : Natural

Item Weight: 500 Grams.

VegeSure - Disinfectant wash for vegetables 500ml.


Sold By : Vegetal Bioactives Pvt Ltd.

A perfect disinfectant wash for vegetables to ensure they are 99% free from germs, bacteria, virus, pesticides and insecticides. With ECOCERT certified natural ingredients, HûMaree™ VegeSûre™ will retain every bit of vegetables’ taste, texture, and nutrition after wash. The natural ingredients of HûMaree™ VegeSûre™ also inhibit the growth of foliage and extend their shelf life.

Its time to eat healthily and stay healthy!


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* Free shipping on purchase of 599.99 & above for Vegetal Bioactives Pvt Ltd..
* Free shipping in Lucknow.

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How to use:

Wash vegetable in normal water to remove mud.
Measure 1 cap (25ml approx.) in 2.5 litres or 4 Caps in half bucket of water (10 ltr approx.).
Soak the vegetables in the solution for 2 minutes, rub thoroughly with hands dipped with in the solution.
Transfer the vegetables in a fresh container and wash under running tap water to clean.

Follow the instructions for best results:

It is recommended to use for uncut and unpeeled vegetables.
Not to be used for peeled and cut vegetables.
Not to be used for fruits. For fruits use HûMaree™ FruSûre™.
Soaking time must be 2 minutes only, no longer is required.
Avoid soaking for longer than the recommended time, else it may damage the texture of vegetables specially leafy vegetables.


ECOCERT Certified Naturally derived Glucosides
ECOCERT Certified Natural Alpha Hydroxy
No Soap, Detergent, Perfume, Artificial Color

Available Packaging

200ml and 500ml Bottles

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