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Incense Store Online 

Incense Store Online 

Are you aware that the Agarbatti (incense stick) that we use in our everyday ritual and which are essential part of our prayer can cause more harm than good to your health. It is general belief that incense sticks fill the atmosphere with the scented aroma which brings peace and happiness in the home.

But the truth it burning agarbattis inside the house generate air pollutants, namely carbon monoxide. This smoke causes indoor air pollution that may lead to inflammation of the lung cells and putting you at an increased risk of respiratory complications. Agarbattis can cause coughing, sneezing, respiratory problems and can also increase the risk of Asthama. Hence, we at webuynatural.com present you a wide collection of organic and natural Agarbattis (Incense Sticks) which are not at all harmful to your health as they are made of natural oils and herbs. These sticks contain 100% Pure Botanical Extracts and Oils and hence no Synthetic Perfume is used. In addition to the soothing aroma, these natural incense sticks are good for your health.

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