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Air Freshner Online

Air Freshner Online

The fragrances which are used in Air fresheners are not natural and it contains numerous chemicals which are harmful to human health. Regular use of conventional Air Freshners, which has its smell derived from the petrochemical products, can cause migranes, nausea and lung irritation. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Acetaldehyde which is a common ingredient of the air freshners is a probable human carcinogen. It causes headaches, tremors, convulsions. Research confirms that many of the ingredients in fragrances are neurotoxins, meaning that they have poisonous effects on the brain and nervous system. In order to avoid these issues, we suggest you to buy natural and organic Air Fresheners which are 100% non toxic and are free of all the harmful chemicals. These natural Air fresheners are made of natural oil extracts which will sooth your mind and give you a natural fragrance. 

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