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Yoga Bars

Yoga Bars
In the age of fast and junk foods, Yoga Bar comes as a revolutionary snack item with a power pack of whole grains, dry fruits, and nuts. Each snack bar contains about 150-170 calories and 3-4 gm. of protein. Yoga Bar is enriched with dietary fibre and healthy fats like PUFA, MUFA, and Omega 3s. It is rich in taste and serves as a great alternative to unhealthy snacks. Yoga Bar is one of the healthiest snacks that not only satiates your small hunger pangs but also keeps you away from unhealthy fats and high calories. It comes in different flavours and varieties. It is rich in dietary fibre and antioxidants and does not contain hydrogenated oils and processed sugars. Yoga Bar is developed without using artificial colors or flavours and is free of chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients. It makes a healthy snacking option for people looking for weight loss.

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