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Vegetal Bioactives

Vegetal Bioactives
AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt Ltd started research and development on natural and herbal products and their commercialization. In 1996, the company launched its first research product- Extract Form of Natural Dyes. Today, AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited is the leading manufacturer and exporter of extract form of natural dyes for textile industry and herbal products. AMA Herbal has developed world’s first PPD-free Hair Colour. It is being sold as Vegetal Bio Colour. Launched in the year 2006 in the UAE, Vegetal Bio Color is now a well-established brand. AMA Herbal manufactures a number of skin care and hair care products that are highly recommended by dermatologists. Powered by a strong in-house Research and Development team, AMA Herbal develops superior quality natural and eco-friendly products. The In-House R&D team at AMA Herbal is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), part of Ministry of Science & Technology. All the skin care and hair care products developed by AMA Herbal are made out of Earthy Ingredients picked up from hubs of organic & safe farming areas across the country. Webuynatural offers a number of AMA Herbal products online. Choose the desired product and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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