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Sattvik Organics

Sattvik Organics
Founded in the year 1999, Sattvik Orgaincs is based on Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, which has been the base of ancient skin care methods. Considering the latest developments in beauty care segment, which is highly inflicted with the use of chemicals and preservatives, Sattvik Organics is a name that revived the knowledge of our forefathers. Sattvik Organics products are made out of natural ingredients and are coupled with the latest techniques. The company believes in focussing on wellness along with the beauty. The products at Sattvik Organics contain the goodness of fresh fruits & flowers, herbs, essential oils, and butters. Sattvik Organics products are free of chemicals, parabens, and are not tested on animals. The brand truly understands the importance of ecosystem and it puts an extra effort in producing the products that do not disturb the environment. Sattvik Organics does not buy raw materials, which are tested on animals and all its products are completely vegetarian. The company manufactures high-quality skin and body care products, which not only nourish your skin but also helps you stay safe against chemical-loaded skin care cosmetics.

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