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Matra is a Luxuriously Natural Skincare brand engaged in the development of pure, non-toxic and healthy skincare with global standards and a ritzy user experience. With its Revolutionary, Ethically Natural and Traditionally Modern bath and beauty range, Matra seeks to fulfil the holistic skincare needs of the consumers. The unparalleled product range of Matra offers a complete body pampering regimen resulting in the accomplishment of healthy and nourished skin. The entire skin care range is Paraben and SLS free. Matra is a CRUELTY – FREE brand and its products are never tested on animals. Matra believes that nature has in store the most reliable recipes of good health and hygiene and hence, the brand seeks to dig in to the ancient scriptures and traditions all over the world in order to find the best and the safest methods of skin care. Our products provide a series of age-old recipes handcrafted and improved according to the present day environment and packaged to give convenience and pleasure of use to our customers.

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