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Drupe Foods

Drupe Foods
Drupe Foods India Pvt. Ltd. after spending years of research in exploring the benefits of almonds along with milk has come up with Almond power milk. The investors at Drupe LLC are a consortium of farmers who export handpicked Californian Almonds to India. Drupe Foods India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and markets Almond Power Milk. Drupe promotes the power and benefits of almond milk, unlike other watered-down almond milk, that get their texture and body from additives. The richness of its almond milk is drawn from almonds and a handful of fruits. The product development at Drupe is dedicated to offer its customers with health, power and nutritional values of Power Milk. Unlike other sugar added almond milk drinks, Drupe uses Dates to add natural sweetness to its power milk. Webuynatural hosts a variety of Drupe almond power milk on its online store. Just buy these almond power milk online and get healthy and powerful with the goodness of almonds and milk.

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