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  • Make Every Day a Yoga Day

    Yoga embeds the true essence of life. The advantages of yoga are vast with profound effects on the human body and soul. From self-actualization to medical therapies, the benefits of yoga are deep and immense. However, the benefits of yoga is still unknown to people and it has been often limited to asanas. Continue reading

  • 5 Top Essential Oils and their Benefits

    Essential oils are popularly known for their hidden beauty secrets and are often used in cosmetics like soaps and perfumes. However the best of their benefits come when used in their natural form.

    They are called ‘essential oil’ because these volatile compounds contain the ‘essence’ of the plant, seed or spice from which they are extracted.

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  • 5 Easy & Effective Ways to Remove Pesticides from Fruits & Vegetables

    Most of the fruits and vegetables that we buy these days are laden with pesticides, insecticides, and synthetic preservatives unless if it’s organic. A normal regular wash is not enough to remove these pesticides from the vegetables.

    According to the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), "high levels of pesticide residues can be toxic enough to cause long-term cancer, damage to the nervous and reproductive systems, birth defects, and severe disruption of the immune system."

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  • 5 Plants that Naturally Help to Purify the Air

    With environmental degradation growing day by day, the air around us is getting polluted thus making it difficult for us to breathe. Breathing in polluted air badly affects your health and well-being. However there is a natural way to purify the air around you and breathe in a soothing environment.

    Plants have the inbuilt natural ability to purify the air around you. According to a research by NASA, plants possess the power to neutralize the effects of chemicals released from furniture, cleaning items, varnishes, and other products.

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  • Navy Day 2016

    On the Navy Day, Here are 7 Remarkable Facts about the Indian Navy

    Today being the Navy Day, let’s explore some unknown facts about the Indian Navy and raise a toast to the unbeatable spirit of our navy men.

    Here are the top 7 incredible facts about our brave Indian Navy.

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