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    Herbal Gulal Powder

    Holi for me and my family has always been a festival that comes with a lot of fun, fervour, and colours. But as I reminisce about our last Holi, all I can think of are the chemical based colors that had some quite bad effects on my kids and other family members. Instead of enjoying the festival to the fullest, I was busy juggling with the harmful effects of the Holi colour and dealing with my kids and family’s health. I never knew a colour can harm the spirit of Holi to this extent. These chemical based Holi colours produced skin rashes, eye irritation and even respiratory issues to me and my family. Not many people know about the health hazards of Holi colours. Let me just give you a quick brief about them and make you aware about the ugly side of these beautiful colours.

    Health hazards of Holi colours

    Green Colour:

    Made out of copper sulphate and can cause temporary blindness and eye allergies.


    Contains aluminium bromide and is carcinogenic and can cause cancer.


    Contains mercury sulphite and can be a cause of skin cancer, mental retardation or paralysis.


    Contains chromium iodide that can lead to various allergies and asthma.

    What’s the alternative now? Can’t stay away from the magic of colours that this festival brings with itself and sit at home with the fear of chemical Holi colours. I have the best solution and it is Organic Holi Colours. These colours are free of any harmful chemicals and are purely made out of natural and organic extracts that make your Holi even more special and aromatic too. So this Holi, I have taken a vow to go for only Organic Holi Colours and save not only my family but my environment too from the harmful hazards of Holi colours.

    Organic colours are easily available at many stores these days and you can buy them to enjoy healthy and hassle free Holi. However, you can also make these organic colours at home if you have time. Let me give you some easy quick ways to colour this season naturally.

    Yellow Colour:

    You can mix turmeric (haldi) and gram flour (besan) to make yellow colour. You can replace gram flour with talcum powder or fuller’s earth (multani mitti). Another way is by drying marigold (gainda) or yellow chrysanthemums and crush them to a fine powder. Then, mix this powder with gram flour.

    Red Colour

    The most favourite of all, red colour, it can be made in a natural way by making a powder of dry red hibiscus flowers and use it as herbal gulal. You can even soak these flowers in water overnight to get wet colour. You can also mix red sandalwood powder with sindoor to get that beautiful red colour.

    Saffron Colour

    You can boil tesu flowers, known as the Flame of the Forest (butea monosperma) or soak them overnight to get an aromatic orange colour. You can also crush these dried tesu flowers to a powder, and then mix it with sandalwood powder.

    Green Colour

    You can mix henna powder (mehendi with any suitable flour to get a lovely green shade. You can even dry the leaves of gulmohur (delonix regia) and powder it to get a beautiful fine green colour.

    Pink Colour

    You can slice a few beetroots and soak them overnight in water or boil for a few minutes to get a lovely pink Holi colour

    Black Colour

    You can boil gooseberries (fruits of amla) in an iron container for a few minutes and leave it for some time. You can dilute it with water to use it as a black colour.

    So now that you have many different ways to extract natural and organic Holi colours just go ahead with and play safe Holi this season. A find the best suitable for you. Happy Holi!

  • Benefits of Organic Green Tea

    Organic Green Tea Online

    What benefits shall we get from organic tea? And what is the difference between Organic Black Tea and Organic Green Tea? These are some of the questions run into our mind when you make a choice to buy Organic Tea Online for healthy you.

    Organic is something that doesn’t use any form of chemical or genetic modification technologies to furnish a crop. Organically grown products are purely natural and accumulate abundant of health benefits for you. Organic products enhance the soil with an outcome of a product that is completely natural. Organically grown products are free from toxic pesticides or insecticides; however Organic Tea is grown by farmers who use natural techniques to provide 100% natural products.

    India is the largest producer of tea and it is holding a distinguished position from decades now. Our country is blessed with bounty of naturals and it is nice place to grow tea in bulk quantities. However, the hilly area of north-east is famous for plantation of tea that is magnificent to grow Organic Tea.

    Organic tea is not considered entirely a beverage. It also enjoys the status among all beverages as the most popular one. Organic loving people don’t drink organic tea just for the sake of amusement but they drink it because they loved to be healthy. Today, multiple online shopping portals available that give people a choice to Buy Organic Tea Online.

    Benefits of Buying Organic Tea Online –

    • When you buy Organic Tea Online you can find a better option for you.
    • You will get multiple options when you buy organic tea online.
    • You can analyze and research every brand and select the more natural option for you.
    • Buy Organic Tea Online also be an economical option for you.

    However, you can discover a true wellness with Organic India Green Tea which accumulate abundance of health benefits. Organic India Green Tea also reduces stress and improve your overall wellbeing. Organic India Green Tea revitalize yourself with a unique blend of two exceptional naturally restorative plants that work collectively for your health benefits. Organic India Green Tea is a combination of Tulsi and Green Tea which helps you in weight management. Researches and studies suggest that green tea boosts metabolism and reduces fat. Organic India Green Tea has an affluence of antioxidants and eliminates free radicals from your body.

    Organic India Green Tea Benefits:

    • Releases stress
    • Unique blend of antioxidants and other nutrients
    • Protect you from cold and cough
    • Enhances stamina
    • Building immunity
    • Works in toxic elimination
    • Revitalize your body
    • Plays vital role in respiratory functions

    Green Tea is a safer and most convenient option for your health today. There are multiple online stores available from where you can buy Organic Tea Online with your own choice. Chinese use green tea with a blend of other tastes and so here we have an option of Flavoured Green Tea which is also available online for your good health.


  • Swing with Healthy Appetizing of Ready to Cook Food Products!

    Ready To cook food products

    Your food basket at home sometimes smile on your tired face, isn’t it? If yes then you need to switch over ready to cook organic food to satisfy your stomach craving. Life in a metro has become so hard for the singles as well as for mingle to get a healthy food with an instant cooking. Coming home after day long work from office makes it so hard to cook something deliciously yum with healthiness intact. Then, in the middle of the night when suddenly some guests arrive at home without any prior notice then one thing that can save you is Ready to Cook Food in your kitchen cabinet.

    Whenever and whatever will be the timing food is one of the best therapy loaded with additional points to gain enriched positivity. Additionally, organic food that are grown without pesticides and harmful chemicals is an excellent choice for your healthy body and mind. Food is also benefiting you when it comes to treat your depression. However, ready to cook food products revolutionized malnutrition and nourishment problems especially among children in many countries. Do you know ready to cook food are also used to gain nutritional value and are in use for number of relief operations like natural disasters, serious diseases and health concerns. Ready to cook meals are also utilize for the people who are living with HIV/ Aids or TB.

    Our lifestyle is modified with our changing eating habits, however, organic ready to cook food products are flawless with consumerism. Organic Ready to cook food fix to our lifestyle and have become an exemplary choice for consumerism in today’s world.

    Here in this article we share with you some of the benefits of Ready to Cook Food –

    1. Blink and it is ready for you! It is quick, simple and convenient. Just heat and swallow and save your valuable time.
    2. If you want to cook a meal more like a noticeable chef and relish that popular recipe to be taste like ‘ Out of the World’ for your someone special. Then Ready to cook food products are essential for you.
    3. When you have to serve 3 course menu on your dinner table and have no helping hands to help you out then Ready to Cook Food Products are must need in your kitchen cabinet to save your woes.
    4. Ready to Cook Food helps you when your LPG Cylinder is nearly to get over. And your Refrigerator is empty and suddenly you have to please some guests at home then grip Ready to Cook Food Products that accumulate in your kitchen.
    5. When it’s raining heavily outside and you can’t move out from home to pick out grocery items however, Ready to Cook Food is a convenient option to save your charm of the day.
    6. If you like one particular dish and want to try that at home without going out to any restaurant or asking somebody for help then Ready to Cook organic food items are made only for you.

    Here is list of some organic ready to cook food products. 1) Organo Nutri Porridge - Oats - Masala Magic

  • Healthy and Tasty Crunchy Snacks

    Healthy crunchy snacks

    Why Eat Junk…When You Have Healthy Options

    You have heard it zillion times that eating junk foods is unhealthy, they make you obese, they disturb your daily diet, and blah blah. But it’s so hard to stop munching these crunchy snacks while being hungry. However eating these junk foods occasionally won’t pose a threat to your health but having them on a regular basis can be actually harmful to your health. These crunchy snacks are no doubt an addiction to your taste buds but behind that tangy sweet taste lie the unhealthy chemical preservatives, artificial coloring's, chemical additives, and so on. But as I said they are an addiction so how to get rid of them.

    Well the best way to keep away this addiction is to stay with this addiction but in a healthier way. Swapping these junk food items will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also help you in staying fit and healthy as these healthy crunchy snacks will offer your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Here I will give you some of the best healthier and organic alternatives to your fatty crunchy snacks. Let’s explore some of them.

    From French fries to organic sweet potato fries

    These French fries are the crunchy snacks to crave for but they are extremely unhealthy as they are deep fried in oil and are made out of common white potato. The best alternative to these fries are organic sweet potato fries that are loaded with nutrients when compared to normal potatoes. Since these fries are made out of organically grown potatoes they do not contain any chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients in it. So swap your normal French fries with organic snacks.

    From Burgers to Organic Hybrid Burger

    Normal fast food burgers are made out of breads and veggies that contain chemical preservatives and fertilizers, which not only harm your overall health but also make you fatty. Organic hybrid burgers are made out of organic whole grains and organic veggies along with organic ketchup. Having this organic food will not only be a treat to your taste buds but your health too.

    From Potato Chips to Organic Apple or Banana Chips

    Normal potato chips are made out of genetically modified potatoes, oil, and salt. Always remember that its potatoes that need to be avoided. It’s the quality of potatoes and oil that matters. However you can swap these potatoes with organic apple or banana chips that are nutrient rich options and are made out of organically grown ingredients, which are free of any harmful chemical contents and synthetic materials. These healthy crunchy snacks will not only satiate your craving but will also help you stay fit and healthy.

    From Normal Cookies to Organic Cookies

    Cookies are something that we often munch not only during tea time but anytime. Made out of non-organic white flour, these cookies only add on to the fat content in your body. The best way is to swap these normal cookies with organic cookies. These healthy crunchy cookies are made out of organic flour that is free of any harmful preservatives and chemical fertilizers. So you can munch on these organic cookies as much as you like it.

    So now that you have organic healthy options for crunchy snacks swap your junk foods with them and stay healthy and fit forever.

    Image Source : Google Search

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