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  • 5 Top Essential Oils and their Benefits

    Essential oils are popularly known for their hidden beauty secrets and are often used in cosmetics like soaps and perfumes. However the best of their benefits come when used in their natural form.

    They are called ‘essential oil’ because these volatile compounds contain the ‘essence’ of the plant, seed or spice from which they are extracted.

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  • Benefits of Bhringraj oil

    Bhringraj is a medicinal herb that grows in moist areas. Popularly known to be a powerful liver cleanser, Bhringraj works wonders for hair.

    You can make Bhringraj oil at home by heating powdered bhringraj leaves with coconut oil. You can store this oil and apply on hair.

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  • 5 Super Fruits that Enhance Your Natural Beauty

    Fruits have a number of health benefits and not to forget a healthy body leads to beautiful and glowing face. Fruits enhance the beauty of your skin as they are a rich powerhouse of antioxidants and are enriched with various essential minerals in their natural form.

    Here, we will talk about the top 5 fruits that can polish your outer beauty along with rejuvenating your inner being.

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  • 7 Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy- the new phase of life invites new challenges and a modified lifestyle and eating habits. Healthy eating leads to healthy pregnancy as it has been found that women with poor diets during pregnancy are more likely to give premature births than those with healthy diets.

    This article will enlighten you on some of the most essential foods that you must include in your diet during the pregnancy because a healthy mother makes a healthy child.

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  • Quick beauty hacks for beautiful skin and hair

    You are planning to go in a wedding or party and you want to look your best but what you have no clue on how to manage your messy hair and dull skin.

    Here we will tell you some of the most effective beauty hacks that will make your look just amazing and will ensure that you steal the show.

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