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Organic Holi Colour

Webuynatural offers a number of herbal and organic Holi colours from renowned brands like Lustrous Herbal gulal and Organic India. Buy these herbal Holi colours from Webuynatural.
  • Don’t Let Your Eyes Suffer the Wrath of Holi Colors

    With Holi just around the corner, preparations for the festival go in full swing. From gujias to gifts, you have done it all but stop and think. Have you ever given a thought on the Holi colors that you have bought? Well, I am sure you haven’t spared a thought on this. Let me unmask the negative shade of these beautiful Holi colours that is not visible externally. Holi colors contain hazardous chemicals that are extremely harmful for your health. These colors can not only harm your skin but it can be really threatening if they enter your sensitive eyes.

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  • Revel with Joy in Home-made Holi Colors

    Holi, as the name comes, our vision gets encompassed with gulal and other beautiful colors. This beautiful festival signifies the importance of colors in our life and it provokes a thought in our minds about how the life would be if there would no colors at all. Holi is a festival of true colors of joy but unfortunately commercialization has not even spared the festivals. Holi colors or gulal powders used in the festival are highly toxic with dangerous Continue reading

  • Organic Holi Gulal- The True Colors of Joy

    Holi means colors but what if these colors contain dangerous chemicals. Yes, the celebration of Holi can turn into a nightmare if you use chemical based Holi colors. Most of the Holi colors used in the festival contain harmful chemical compositions such as oxides, metal, glass particles and substances used as a base in textile dyes. These Holi colors can cause serious health disorders like skin rashes, eye irritation, respiratory problems, and so on. Here is a list of Holi colors along with their chemical composition and its effects on your body. Continue reading

  • Smear with Natural Holi Colours this Season


    PPD Free hair colour

    Holi is the festival of colors also known as the festival for sharing bonding of love falls in the spring season. Holi is one of the popular Indian festival not only among the Hindus but also among the non-hindu community in parts of South Asia and the people living outside Asia. Now Holi festival has observed as one of the significant festival celebrated not only in India and Asia but also in parts of Europe and North America as well for marking of frolic colors of love and care onto each other.

    The Color Play:

    Holi festival has a significance of colors and it is the day better known for full amusement. Group of children and young people are showered with Herbal Gulal, coloured solution or pichkaris and water balloons in a playful manner. Braj Holi is the popular form of holi in north India region. In the celebration women playfully hit men and they save themselves with shields popularly known as Lath Mar Holi.

    Holi Colours:

    Traditionally holi colours were derived from natural ingredients like turmeric, neem and kumkum. These color formulations were purely natural. In the Holi Festival People enjoy in the open area, streets and parks play with water colors and those who want to play at home smear holi powder on each other. People in the mood of festivities feel delightful while spraying colors on each other and hit their target with handful of holi powder. After playing holi everyone’s face looks like a canvas of holi colours therefore, this is called the festival of colors. Groups of people sit together and dance on the tunes of drums or in Bollywood popular hits while playing with herbal gulal or holi colours. Nowadays Organic Holi Colours are also in demand, these colors are made of purely organically grown ingredients.

    How to make Natural Holi Colours at home:

    Green Dry Colour: For preparing green Herbal Gulal use mehendi, henna powder and mix that with equal quantity of any suitable flour for making your holi powder to attain your desired green colour.

    Use only pure mehendi powder and avoid the one that has been mixed with amla (which is used for dying hair). Dry mehendi is easily washed off from your face and doesn’t leave color. However, it is also a good idea to smear someone’s hair with this green holi powder and save the budget of hair spa in a salon after playing with holi colours.

    Second Method:

    For making green colour use gulmohar tree leaves and prepared its dry powder or smush the tender leaves of the wheat plant for achieving green Holi Powder naturally.

    Green Water Colour:

    1. In one litre of water use two teaspoons of mehendi and stir well.
    2. You can also make a wet green color by mixing the paste of spinach, coriander, mint, tomato leaves in the water.

    Yellow Color Formulation:

    Yellow Dry Colour: Take double quantity of besan and mix it with two teaspoons of turmeric powder. Haldi and gram flour or besan is good for your skin abd also useful for making ubtan used by many indian women while taking a bath.

    However, it is absolutely your choice to choose between kasturi haldi and ordinary haldi for the color preparation. Additionally, you can substitute the gram flour with atta, maida, rice flour, fuller’s earth etc.

    Second Method: You can also make yellow holi powder at home by using another method. Try some Amaltas/ marigold/ gainda or black babul for achieving fine yellow colour. Dry the flower leaves of the plant and squash them for making colour in powder form. Mix the colour powder with gram flour or whatever you would like to add for the substitute of gram flour (We have mentioned its substitutes in the last paragraph). You can also use singly as a yellow Herbal Gulal.

    Wet Colour:               

    In two litres of water add one teaspoon of haldi and mix well. You can boiled the water colour for increasing colour concentration or,

    Immerse the Amaltas/ marigold/ gainda flowers in the water. Boil and leave that overnight. Your yellow holi colours are ready to use.

    Red Colour:

    Red colour can be obtained with Red Sandal Wood Powder/ Raktachandan/ Lalchandan. These herbs plants are immensely beneficial for your skin even used in various face packs. This natural home ready powder is a good option for you this holi for playing with Red Herbal Gulal.

    Other Method:                                                                                                             

    Sindura better known as Annato in English has a fruit which carries lovely red colour seeds can be used both as a dry or wet colours.

    Wet Colour:

    Take one litre of water and add two teaspoons of Red Sandal Wood powder and boil. Dilute and use it as a red wet colour for Holi Colours. However, you can use peels of pomegranate and let it boil to gain red wet colour.

    So be ready this season of colours with Herbal Gulal or Holi colours prepared naturally and organically. Play safe, Use Natural Colours.

  • This Holi Don’t Let Your Hair and Skin Suffer

    Its Holi season again. The festival of fun, enjoyment and togetherness is back. Holi brings with it many special memories and moments that are cherished forever. Well we generally talk about the positive aspects of the festival but let’s bring into focus the negative aspects too. If I talk about last year’s Holi, all I remember is skin allergy and hair damage that I had gone through.

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