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natural skin care products

Natural skin care products are enriched with many benefits as they are pure and organic. Read more about the benefits of natural skin care products at Webuynatural.
  • 9 Best Anti-Aging Fruits for Youthful Skin

    To say that aging is stoppable would be a farce but you can definitely slow down the aging process by making certain things a part of your skin care regime. Nature has gifted us with a bounty of goodies in the form of fruits that contain antioxidants and can help you in maintaining firm and youthful skin.

    Let’s have a look at these fruits that you can consume to slow down the aging process.

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  • Shikakai: One Powerful Remedy for better Skin & Hair Care


    PPD Free hair colour

    Shikakai amalgamated with amazing skin care benefits and treats various skin diseases. It is benefiting you from various skin diseases like scabies and dry skin related problems.

    Use of Shikakai for Treating Spots-

    To treat your dark spots take one tablespoon of shikakai powder and mix well with cream, almond powder and turmeric. Additionally you can add two tablespoon of honey and apply on your skin as a body scrub. This natural scrub eliminates dead skin cells and provide natural glow on your face.

    Shikakai Body Wash:

    Shikakai has a lot of skin benefits and its body wash treats your many skin issues. However, it works wondrously when you are prone to skin diseases. To make a shikakai body wash first try to arrange rice kanji. Rice kanji is prepared by using boiling rice with extra water than the requirement. When rice is cooked then drain out excess water which is known as Rice Khanji. Let it cool down and add good quality shikakai powder in it and use it as a body wash. After its regular use you will notice glowing skin.

    Shikakai for treating Scabies:

    Shikakai works well for the treatment of scabies. First soak turmeric in hot water and prepared a paste. After that use a long shikakai stick and burn directly in the fire till it turns into dark. Wait for its cooling and grind into a fine powder. Mix the ground turmeric paste with ground shikakai powder by using boil water. Strain out remaining water and apply it on an affected area. Both shikakai and turmeric work for an anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This paste works well on scabies. Please consult your physician if your condition is very severe.

    Minor cuts and wounds on Scalp:

    To treat cuts and wounds on scalp shikakai will be a safer option for you. For this treatment use shikakai long stick and burn in direct fire. However, when it cools down make a fine powder out of it. Additionally, grind a piece of turmeric, neem leaves and shikakai powder for making a paste with boiled water. Apply the paste on your scalp and after 10 minutes wash off your hair. Although, keep in mind that this remedy is useful for only minor cuts and wounds.

    Shikakai Hair Care:

    Herbs are beneficial to make our hair shine and look beautiful. When you look at herbal hair care cosmetic products like shampoos, hair wash and hair packs one of the common and widely used herb is none other than shikakai. Shikakai can be utilized for a number of hair related problems. Read below the benefits of shikakai for your hair care-

    For Increasing Shine and Softness:

    Shikakai enriched with a number of properties to make your hair softer and shinier. To improve the shining and softness of your hair use shikakai powder as a hair pack or hair cleanser. This will make your hair soft and lustrous and however you can able to detangle your hair easily.

    Removes Dandruff:

    Shikakai is enriched with anti-fungal properties and a number of other nutrients which help in to nourish your scalp. However, it prevents scalp from dandruff infection and nourishes your dry itchy scalp.

    Use Shikakai for Strong and Thicker Hair:

    Shikakai is useful for making your hair strong and healthy. Apply mild shikakai as hair cleanser or hair pack for hair benefits. However, you can also use shikakai in oil form; it has been prepared by boiling dried shikakai in coconut oil. It works as a good remedy for strengthening your hair.

    This powerful natural ingredient is useful for various purposes to strengthen your hair for glowing healthy skin to shinier and stronger hair. Therefore, utilize this powerful ingredient in powder form and see the results.

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