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Why Should You Be Eating Organic Pulses?

Pulses have always been a source of protein, fibre, and minerals due to which it has been considered a staple diet since centuries. But the pulses that we consume these days are ripped off protein and other essential minerals because the husk is removed at the later stage. However organic pulses have all the essential nutrition intact in them. In organic dal, the husk is not removed and it is bought in the market in its natural form along with the fibres. Apart from this, organic pulses are cultivated without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Organic dal is a storehouse of natural proteins and fibre. It contains 35% proteins which is higher than meat and poultry products. Organic pulses are also a great source of dietary fibre with much lesser number of calories. Organic dal is also loaded with other vitamins and minerals like molybdenum, folates, tryptophan, manganese, iron, phosphorous, copper, Vitamin B1 and potassium. Organic dal also contains phyto-chemicals and phenols.

Health Benefits of Organic Pulses

Muscle Building
Organic dal is powered with healthy proteins and amino acids that are needed for the building of muscles and tissues. Organic pulses promote the regeneration and repair of muscles and tissues thus making the muscles strong.

Weight Management
Organic pulses are rich source of dietary fiber due to which it makes you feel full for a longer time thus reducing your calorie intake. Organic dal also boosts up your metabolic rate and helps you to shed fat from your body. Organic dal contains high amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals thus helping you in weight management.

Diabetes Control
Owing to its high fibre content, Organic dal helps in lowering the blood sugar and blood glucose levels in the body. The dietary fibers slow down the absorption of food by the blood thereby controlling the sugar levels in the body. Consuming organic pulses also helps in preventing the type 2 diabetes.

Improves digestion
Organic pulses help a great deal in improving your digestive system. It contains dietary fibers, which helps in promoting healthy digestion. Apart from improving the digestive system, organic dal also helps in curing digestive issues like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Organic pulses also help in keeping away ulcers and infections in the intestinal tracts.

Promotes Heart Health
Organic pulses contain fats and proteins that help in promoting healthy heart. Organic dal is also powered with magnesium, which help in relaxing the cardiovascular muscles thus normalizing the blood pressure. The consumption of organic dal protects the heart from heart attacks and strokes. So now that you have enough reasons to switch to organic pulses, just buy them online and enjoy healthy risk-free life.

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