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Webuynatural offers a wide range of natural and Ayurvedic health supplements online for various conditions like weight management, diabetes, blood pressure, and so on.
  • Super Gummy- A Powerhouse of Nutrition and Taste

    Nurturing your child with sufficient nutrition is a concern of every mother especially when a child is choosy or nasty about eating fruits and vegetables. Most of the mothers face this issue of supplementing their children with enough of vitamins and minerals as a result of which they often force feed the children. But one must understand that force feeding is not a healthy practice. The happier the child is while eating, the healthier it is.

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  • Organic India Green Tea: A Sip of Refreshment

    Organic India offers you an array of organic products in India, which are formulated with the goodness of Ayurveda. From organic green tea, Ayurvedic health supplements to organic desi ghee, Organic India products are safe and health oriented. Most of the Organic India products are developed out of certified organic ingredients thus keeping you safe against harmful chemicals. Organic India has attained a global recognition and has showcased itself as an organic products brand, which offers reliable and high quality organic products at competitive rates.

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  • Best Selling Natural Products of Mahaved Healthcare

    Mahaved Healthcare was established in the year 2002 as a research entity and manufacturer of herbal supplements and Ayurvedic remedies with a goal to offer quality-oriented Ayurveda supplements to the masses. The Ayurveda supplements are scientifically proven to cure the ailments without any side-effects. Mahaved Healthcare products are enriched with natural ingredients like herbs, leaves, seeds, roots, and other plant extracts. Continue reading

  • Get an Immediate Relief from Constipation with Pet Saffa

    Constipation is a common digestive problem, which sadly affects around 14% of urban India’s population. This uncomfortable reality is an outcome of our sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating habits. Most of people are shy and reluctant to discuss about constipation leading to the delay in getting the effective relief from the disease.

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  • Some Best Exercises for your Eyes

    Eyes are one of the most sensitive and precious organs of our body. But we often ignore the health of our eyes by exposing them before television or computer screens for hours. Teenagers, kids, and adults spend most of their day while playing games, watching movies, or working on computers. All these activities add stress to the eyes and affect the eyesight. It can even lead to certain disorders like cataract, watery eyes, weak eyesight, and so on. This article will talk about some of the eye exercises that can be done daily to relieve the stress from your eyes.

    1. Focus

    This exercise is meant to relieve the inner eye muscles.

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