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Get your Hair Safe with Vegetal Bio Colour

Hair colouring is a regular procedure that one carries out to cover grey hair but behind this regular procedure lay several chemicals that are dangerous to your hair and body. These chemicals include PPD, Ammonia, and Hydrogen Peroxide. PPD or para-phenylenediamine is the most commonly used chemical in almost every hair color. PPD is an extremely toxic chemical and can cause dermatitis, lung functioning disorder and can even lead to cancer.

Ammonia is another toxic chemical, which is commonly used in hair dyes to increase the lasting of the color. It helps in opening up the hair’s cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) to allow the color to enter into the hair shaft. It can cause serious health illness like caustic burns and lung irritation.

Hydrogen Peroxide is used in almost all chemical based hair dye. Its function is to strip off the natural color of hair before applying the hair dye color. Hydrogen Peroxide damages the original structure of hair and makes it dry and brittle. When mixed with PPD, this chemical can even cause cancer.

Vegetal Bio Colour is 100% natural and is completely free of dangerous chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, and Hydrogen Peroxide. In fact, it is the world’s first PPD-free hair color and is highly recommended by known dermatologists. You might have come across many hair colors that claim to be ammonia-free but always remember that such hair colors contain PPD, which is a cancer-causing chemical.

Vegetal Bio Colour is enriched with natural herbs like Indigo, Heena, Shikakai, Amla, and Bhringraj. These natural ingredients work together to color and strengthen the roots of your hair. It does not take the support of any chemical to color your hair. The herbs in Vegetal Bio Colour add a natural shine to your hair.

Vegetal Bio Colour does not enter into the hair shaft and it only coats the outer layer of your hair. Chemical hair colors enter into the hair shaft and damage your hair. Not only do they damage your hair, the chemicals present in the hair color also enter into the body and cause diseases like cancer and lung inflammation.

Vegetal Bio Colour gives complete coverage to your grey hair and the most interesting fact is that unlike chemical hair colors, this color does not increase the growth of grey hair strands on your scalp. It also helps in controlling the hair fall and offers great UV protection. Vegetal Bio Colour is perfectly suitable to be used by people of all ages, be it male or female.

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