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Truu Punarnava Root Powder 250gm

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SKU : 116P250

Brand : TRUU

Item Weight: 250 Grams.

Truu Punarnava Root Powder 250gm

Sold By : Carmel Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Punarnava Root Powder 250gm


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Benefits of Truu Punarnava Root Powder
Punarnava removes excess Kapha (Water) from the body.
Punarnava supports the functioning of the heart, liver and kidneys.
Punarnava promotes balanced fluid levels in the tissues that are already in the normal range.
Punarnava Powder is a very effective diuretic as it works on the urinary system and it corrects the functioning of the damaged nephrons of kidneys which get damaged in cases of high blood sugar levels.
Punarnava Powder also acts as mild laxative and enhances the appetite.
It works as Rasayana (Longevity enhancer) as it flushes out the toxins from body tissues and nourishing the various body channels.
Punarnava Powder enhances the quality of dhatus (Tissues) like nutrient plasma (Rasa dhatu), Blood (Rakta dhatu) Muscles (Mamsa dhatu) fat (Meda dhatu) Bone marrow & nerves (Majja dhatu) Reproductive fluids (Shukra dhatu).
Punarnava Powder increases the secretion of urine. It is effective in the symptoms of edema. When excessive fluid is collected in the tissues and cavities of the body.
Punarnava is used to support comfortable movement of the joints for those with Kapha (Water) constitutions and imbalances.

Dosage of Punarnava Root Powder
Add 1 tsp of Punarnava Powder to your favourite beverage and shake well for the proper mixing
You can take this mixture once or twice daily
Safe for long-term use.
What should you remember?
This remedy should not be consumed on an empty stomach.
Pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor before usage.
The remedy is for patients above the age of 14 years.

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