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Shivalik Herbals Shivalik Gold Oil 15 ml dropper bottle X10 = 150ml

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SKU : SH_M008

Brand : Shivalik Herbals

Product Type : Ayurvedic

Item Weight: 300 Grams.

Shivalik Herbals Shivalik Gold Oil 15 ml dropper bottle X10 = 150ml


Sold By : Shivalik Herbals

Shivalik Gold Oil 15 ml dropper bottle X10 = 150ml


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Shivalik GoldShivalik Gold Oil (Penis Massage Oil) is a pure Ayurvedic formulation secretly used by the Indian kings to treat their penis erection problems and for penile enlargement. Shivalik Gold Oil is a powerful herbal ingredient combination of aphrodisiac herbs and natural oil that relaxes and strengthens the arterial muscles.Shivalik Gold massage oil relaxes the arterial muscles at the bottom of penis and allowing blood flow into the vaso-congestive sacs on either side & the penis & create a harder erection. After using for 3-4 weeks men have shown 30% bigger erection as massage pushes a full blood acceleration that flushes the chamber wall of the penis for maximum girth and that helps in achieving maximum pleasure.How to use Shivalik Gold Oil:-For erection enhancement:- wash your penis with luke warm water & dry with clean cloth. Massage 5-7 drop of (Shivalik Gold Oil) on penis gently in an outward motion leaving the glans. For better results apply at least 20 minutes before sex.? Increase in blood flow to sexual organs. ? Flushes the chamber wall of penis for maximum girth.? Extra arousal to your partner.? Leads to longer lasting erection.? Heightened pleasures.? 100% Safe Herbal Oil.? For better performance & confidence use Shivalik Gold Capsules also. Penis Massage Oil For Men SEX Herbal & Ayurvedic Shivalik Gold Oil 10 bottles
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