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Shivalik Herbals Ezy Slim 60 Caps Bottle packing

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SKU : SH_M020

Brand : Shivalik Herbals

Product Type : Ayurvedic

Item Weight: 100 Grams.

Shivalik Herbals Ezy Slim 60 Caps Bottle packing


Sold By : Shivalik Herbals

Ezy Slim 60 Caps Bottle packing


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Ezy Slim CapsulesEzy Slim is a wonderful combination of eleven herbs which act collectively to give slim & fit body with improved digestive system. Ezy Slim reduces excessive appetite for food and removes excess fat from the areas which are prone to fat deposition like face, neck, waist, abdomen, buttocks & legs and that too without fluid loss and weight regain.Ezy Slim is formulated to give you the desired weight within a short time without the effort of tiresome exercises. Ezy Slim is a blend of herbs which regulate the body metabolism to reduce fat deposition and improves digestive system. It is very useful in controlling Obesity, Hyperlipidemia and craving for food.Ezy Slim improves body systems to maintain its biological activities, metabolic activities and hormonal balance. It improves metabolic functions, basal metabolic rate, reduces appetite, reduces fat and converts of glucose to glycogens.Product Features: Ezy Slim increases body cell metabolism which breaks fat into its metabolites. It inhibits synthesis of fat from sugars and converts sugar to glycogen. This combination suppresses the appetite and provides nourishment to body. Lowers the harmful cholesterol Low Density Lipids LDL by improving High Density Lipids (HDL).RHEUMACUREAN ARTHRITIS BREAK THROUGHArthritis or osteoarthritis characterized by swelling, pain and stiffness is a very common problem. The word arthritis literally came from Greek word athron meaning joint & itis meaning inflammation. Presence of this disease cause severe pain in joint areas & ceases muscle movements. Arthritis is the one of main cause of disability in India.As a person grows older, the surface layers of cartilage at the joints, which act as the shock-absorber and the lubricating synovial fluid, often degrades. The function of the synovial fluid is to reduce the friction in the joints thus promoting flexibility & mobility.Top Natural Osteoarthritis Treatments for joint inflammationRHEUMACURE is a perfect combination of anti-inflammatory & pain relieving herbs. It is considered as one of the best natural osteoarthritis treatments and relief. It helps lubricate the joints, stimulate the rebuilding of degenerated cartilage, block the toxic enzymes that degrade the cartilage and strengthen your bodys natural repair mechanisms. RHEUMACURE FORMULATriple-Action Joint Support at its BestRheumacure is a very effective Triple Action Formula that : Quickly Reduces Burning Pain, Soreness and discomfort with potent anti-inflammation herbs. Increases blood flow to the inflammation areas to speed up healing. Lubricate the joints, slowly repair and Rebuild Degenerated Cartilage, connective tissues and damaged joints with time proven natural nutrients.Product Benefits: Formula for joints delivers an exclusive blend of over a dozen natural joint-health ingredients that can help: Support the health of connective tissue. Protect joints from age-related wear and tear Maintain healthy joints Promote flexibility , mobility and strength Reduces painful arthritis inflammation
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