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Shivalik Herbals Amla Emblica officinalis 120 Caps (500 mg each) bottle packing

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SKU : SH_S002

Brand : Shivalik Herbals

Product Type : Ayurvedic

Item Weight: 200 Grams.

Shivalik Herbals Amla Emblica officinalis 120 Caps (500 mg each) bottle packing


Sold By : Shivalik Herbals

Amla- Emblica officinalis 120 Caps (500 mg each) bottle packing


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Shivalik AmlaAmla or Amalaki(Emblica officinalis) is an Indian gooseberry and is used for reducing inflammation in the digestive tract, assisting the bowels and strengthening the heart. The herb of Amla is used for many purposes such as delaying the aging cycle, rejuvenating the body, revitalizing body systems and top of all, building immune levels. Shivalik Amla capsules contains abandon amounts of Vitamin C ascorbic acid and is likely to possess richest amounts of it as compared to any edible on this planet. Regular use of it will enrich you with vitamin C which helps in protecting cell damage and provide resistance against many diseases especially respiratory diseases.Benefits of Amla? Immunity system: The plant as a whole promotes resistance towards illness and counteracts infection and boosts immunity. It is a potent anti-inflammatory herb and is used in piles, gastritis, colitis etc. Emblica Officinalis strengthened the defense mechanisms against free radical damage induced during stress. ? Central nervous system: it is used as a memory booster and intellect enhancer.? Blood and haemopoeitic tissue: Amla is used to check bleeding, enhance production of red blood cells and as blood purifier. Pregnant women are advised to take ripe fruit of amla throughout pregnancy to combat anemia. ? Cardiovascular system: It stimulates the heart, produces coronary dilation and peripheral vasoconstriction. The investigations support the use of this drug by Avicenna (Sheikh Bu Ali Sina) in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and its present use in cardiovascular and chest diseases in the Indian systems of medicine.? Digestive system: Amla is appetizer, carminative and controls diarrhea.? Respiratory system: Amla is used in asthma and bronchitis and tuberculosis. Its bioavailability in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis is much better than synthetic vitamin C. It possesses powerful expectorant activity by directly stimulating the mucous cell of the bronchial tree. In addition the extract has mild antibacterial activity. ? Skin: it is used in eczema and psoriasis. ? Nutrition and metabolism: Amla in different combinations is used to control blood sugar therefore is used in diabetes. It contains 600mg/100g of vitamin C and is used as an immunomodulator and to treat scurvy. ? Genito-urinary system: Amla is diuretic. Paste of amla leaves if applied on abdomen helps in dysuria and excessive menstrual bleeding. Powder of raw fruit is used in chronic vaginal infection. ? Musculoskeletal system: The whole plant prevents sudden muscular contraction, is antispasmodic, and relieves pain. ? Eye: it is considered as a prime herb for treatment of eyes. In inflammation of eyes it lowers down pita without hampering the other two doshas. It improves near sightedness and is used in cataract as it has antioxidant properties and free radicals stand as one cause of cataract. ? Hair: It prevents graying of hair and promotes their growth making them strong and free from dandruff. Shivalik Amla contains pure and concentrated Amla.Dosage of one capsule twice a dayPackage size: 60 capsules of 500mg eachReferences1. Dr.KM Nadkarni, The Indian Materia Medica, Vol.I, pg 480-4842. Prof P.V Sharma, Dravya Guna Vigyana, Vol II, pg 758-760 3. The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Of India, Part I, Vol.I, pg 4-5
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