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Welcome to WeBuyNatural Seller Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions for Vendor Registration:


Q1. How do I register myself as a seller on Webuynatural.com?


A.  For vendor registration, please fill the required fields on simple registration form in a section “Sell on WeBuyNatural” or Click here the below link:




Q2 what is the criteria to sell on Webuynatural.com?


A To sell on Webuynatural.com you have to follow some criteria: you should be authorized to sell in India. You can sell natural and organic products through webuynatural.com. You can be the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributer, and retailer. If you fall into some other category you feel free to contact us.


Q3 I don’t have a website hence can I sell my products on Webuynatural.com?


A You don’t require to have a website to start selling on Webuynatural.com. Just need to do one thing is list your products on Webuynatural and start selling.


Q4 What products can I sell on Webuynatural.com?


A You can sell natural and organic products in the following categories: Organic Food, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Baby Care, Home Care, Textile Dyes, Gifts, Organic Clothing, Rural Produce, Women Power. Many more categories are coming soon. Please contact us for further details.


Q5 How can I list my products on Webuynatural.com?


A You should have to complete the registration process first then our team will coordinate with you to create your online product catalogue. However, you will also be given access to online vendor panels through which you can manage easily of your product listings.


Q6 How does webuynatural.com work for selling?


A Selling on Webuynatural.com works easy. Firstly you should list out the products that you want to sell on Webuynatural.com online marketplace. Customers will see your product and order for purchase. Hence, you will receive an email to ship the product. However, after delivery of the product to the customer and confirm shipment Webuynatural will deposit the funds into your account (as per the payment terms).


Q7 Do I sell my products abroad through Webuynatural.com?


A At present Webuynatural.com allows shipments only in India.


Q8 Can I able to cancel my subscription?


A Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.


Q9 Would customer know about me if I sell my products on Webuynatural.com?


A Yes, definitely, we will clearly mentioned about you on a tab “Product Sold By” in our product description.


Q10 Will Webuynatural.com charge for listing products on its online marketplace?


A Listing of products on Webuynatural.com is absolutely free. Webuynatural does not charge for listing your catalogue on its online portal. You will only pay a small commission for what you sell. The commission structure detail will be shared with you at the time of registration.


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