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Buy Organic Food Online - Wheat Flour Atta - Organic Tattva Corn Flour

Additional Information

SKU : 8906055440414

Brand : Organic Tattva

Product Type : Organic

Item Weight: 500 Grams.

Organic Tattva Corn Flour 500gm


Sold By : Organic Tattva

1.Provides necessary calories
2.Provides necessary minerals
3.Maintains Daily Metabolism
4.Prevents digestive ailments
5.Rich source of Vitamins


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* Free shipping on purchase of 600.00 & above for Organic Tattva.

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Organic Tattva Corn flour is the starch of the corn grain (maize).  Corn Flour is different from maize flour or makkai ka atta. Geographically speaking when we talk about cereal crop production whole around the world, corn is recognized as a king. Corn is one of the most popular cereals in the world. Corn controls diabetes, prevents heart ailments & lowers hypertension.

Corn provides the necessarily calories for healthy, daily metabolism and it is also a rich source of vitamins A, B, E and many minerals. It is rich in fiber content which ensures that it plays a significant role in the prevention of digestive ailments e.g. constipation, hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. The antioxidants which present in the corn act as anti-carcinogenic agents and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Corn meal or maize flour versus corn starch is comparable to whole wheat flour versus white flour. Corn meal includes the whole corn grain while the corn starch is refined. Whole grain is equals to a good source of dietary fibre.

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