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Omved Saptasur Chakra Bhandarwar

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SKU : HLBH0003

Brand : Omved

Product Type : Natural

Item Weight: 150 Grams.

Omved Saptasur Chakra Bhandarwar


Sold By : Omved Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

1. correspond to the seven main chakras
2. Handcrafted using traditional knotting and weaving styles
3. Designed following the Vastu Shastra tradition
4. Crystals are used with the bells to create balance and healing


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Saptasur Chakra Bhandarwar

Each of the seven musical notes and seven colors of this bhandarwar correspond to the seven main chakras, or the energy centers in the body. The 7 hand-tuned brass bells chime to the frequencies of the chakras and represent the flow of Kundalini energy, while the recycled glass beads are specifically colour-coded according to the Chakra Balancing Theory and have been specially beaded to align in an ascending column, just as the seven chakras along the human.
The chime is designed following the Vastu Shastra tradition,where bells were made in the shape of pyramids to collect, focus, and absorb non-life-supporting energies by drawing them to a point and eliminating them through sound. Crystals are used with the bells to create balance and healing.

Ingredients: This Vastu windchime is handcrafted using traditional knotting and weaving styles and environment-friendly materials like:
Recycled glass beads
Metal cymbals

Hang this bhandarwar by the side of your main door or in the northwest corner of your home. The subtle energy of this bhandarwar and its divine musical sound will help create a balance of natural energies and attract happiness and good fortune to your home.

Instruction: Care and Maintenance: To enjoy your Omved Chimes we suggest the following simple maintenance tips:
• Periodically, clean the glass beads and natural seeds with a damp cloth.
• Regular oiling (neem or castor oil) will help protect the wood and delay the natural ageing process.
• Use mild soap and water (or a foaming, non-abrasive cleanser) to clean the tubes, glass and other parts. Try not to dampen the strings.
• The brass/copper parts of our chimes can be polished with a commercial cleaner.
To use: The purpose of a wind chime is to disperse the rushing or the stagnating ‘prana’ or energy; hence its position is critical to ensure its proper functioning. While installing the wind chime look for a place in your home where natural air enters all the time through a window. Vastu Shastra doctrine recommends hanging this chime in the north-west corner of your home.

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