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Omved Baal Sarva Siddhi Bhandarwar

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SKU : VABH0001

Brand : Omved

Product Type : Natural

Item Weight: 125 Grams.

Omved Baal Sarva Siddhi Bhandarwar


Sold By : Omved Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

2.Traditional Weaving Styles
3.Eco- friendly
4.Vastu Material


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Baal Sarva Siddhi Bhandarwar

Individually handcrafted with environment-friendly materials, using traditional bead making techniques and ancient Vedic wisdom, this Vastu Bhandarwar hanger is designed for concentration, intellect and success. It uses:
• Metal Bell (Dispells the Negativity)
• Najarboot seed (for protection against evil-eye)
• Cowrie shells (for peace)
• Panchamukhi rudraksh (for health)
• Crystal ball (for concentration & mental strength)
Bhandarwars (door hangers) draw inspiration from the ancient tradition of hanging divine seeds, sacred symbols and healing metals for concentration, intellect and success.

Ingredients: Handcrafted using traditional knitting and weaving styles and environment-friendly
Vastu materials like a metal bird,
Najarbut seed, Cowrie shells,
Panchamukhi Rudraksha,
recycled glass beads and a Sphaitk crystal ball.
100% earth-safe, biodegradable materials in reusable, post consumer recycled carton.

Instruction: Care and Maintenance To enjoy your Omved Bhandarwars we suggest the following simple maintenance tips:
• Periodically, clean the glass beads and natural seeds with a damp cloth.
• Use mild soap and water (or a foaming, non-abrasive cleanser) to clean the glass and other parts. Try not to dampen the strings.
• The brass/copper parts can be polished with a non-toxic commercial cleaner.
To use: Place this hanger in children's room near sunlight.

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