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Nimbus® is a natural dye extracted from sticks of kerria lacca, it is a mordant category of dye in natural dyes. It gives red and violet colour and changes with the change of pretreatment auxiliary in the process of dyeing.

Textile dyed with Nimbus® has antimicrobial properties it is an additional feature of this dye. 

Lac is an insect dye that is developed in a resinous cocoon on the shoot of over 160 host trees that are found in the Northern India. This dye form has been extracted by aqueous extraction of Sticklac (resinous cocoon) and it is a water soluble dyestuff. Lac is used from the ancient times in a form of natural dye for Silk and Wool. This dye can be transformed from violet to red and brown.

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Chemicals are badly affecting the lives of humans being and disturbing the ecological balance. The only problem to this solution is- natural and organic products. Natural and organic products are absolutely safe and chemical free as they are made out of earthy ingredients without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But not everything that tags itself as natural is natural. You must only trust certified organic shops.

Don't go haywire; stop your search here. Webuynatural.com is a one stop shop for all your organic product needs. Be it natural beauty products, organic groceries, organic home care, mother and baby care, organic clothing to what not, this organic product store wards off all your worries regarding your shopping for natural and organic products. So what's holding you back? Order your selection of natural and organic products and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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