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Mosquito Repellent Bracelet (RED)

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Brand : Healthbuddy

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet (RED)

Sold By : Healthbuddy

Healthbuddy Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Red


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* Free shipping on purchase of 999.00 & above for Healthbuddy.

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    Expected delivery between 01 May, 2018 to 03 May, 2018.
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Who fancies getting bit by mosquitoes? The inundation of mosquitoes is always annoying when you are out enjoying with your family and kids. The biting of mosquitoes does not only create temporary itching but get you certain critical diseases too carried by them. HealthBuddy aspires to come out with products successfully helping people in avoiding mosquitoes and spread the general awareness. Now spend more time outdoors with your family and children without letting the blood-suckers spoil your fun. Our mosquito repellent bracelet is safe for the whole family including both adults and children as it is biocide free and made of 100% natural essential oil. Slam one HealthBuddy Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet on your wrist and keep those bugs away!Even in today?s date, Malaria and other such diseases transmitted by mosquitoes continue to be a major killer in many parts of the world. It is imperative for people travelling to areas where such diseases are endemic to get adequate protection. The use of effective repellents is an important arm of prevention. Mosquito repellent bracelets are said to be one of the ideal products for outdoor protection to keep these insects away. Our product is DEET free. It is a product made of 100% natural essential oil which works as effective repelling ingredients for mosquitoes and at the same time works safe to humans and the environment. The smell is pleasant to wear but mosquitoes and other pests are not quite fond of the same. These bracelets can be used for indoors as well as outdoor activities like boating, camping, golfing, jogging, fishing, hunting, gardening etc. Our bracelet being waterproof, it stays effective even after sweating or other contact with moisture. Additionally, the band is adjustable making the usage convenient for any wrist size.
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