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Dr. Patkars Family Protein

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Brand : Dr. Patkar

Item Weight: 500 Grams.

Dr. Patkars Family Protein

Sold By : Weguarantee Products Pvt. Ltd

Dr.Patkar’s Family Protein is a highly refined form of soya protein and enriched with protein to cure your multiple health problems.
1. Highly refined or purified form of soya protein
2. Improves the texture of meat products
3. Increases protein content
4. Enhances moisture retention
5. No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Sweeteners


Offers Available: - * Free shipping on purchase of 600.00 & above for Weguarantee Products Pvt. Ltd.
Validity - Limited Period.


* Free shipping on purchase of 600.00 & above for Weguarantee Products Pvt. Ltd.

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    Expected delivery between 30 Apr, 2019 to 02 May, 2019.
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Soya protein isolate is a highly refined or purified form of soya protein with protein content of at least 84.5% on a moisture-free basis. It is made from defatted soya flour which has had most of the non-protein components, fats and carbohydrates removed. Because of this, it has a neutral flavor and will cause less flatulence than soya flours.Soya isolates are mainly used to improve the texture of meat products, but are also used to increase protein content, to enhance moisture retention, and as an emulsifierSoya protein provides all the essential amino acids for human nutrition. Soyabean protein is essentially identical to that of other legume pulses and one of the least expensive sources of dietary protein.Take one scoopful (10 g) as a food, blended with any food preparation of your choice. It can be added to any food preparation since it smooth and practically tasteless formulation. It blends with almost all food preparations, vegetarian, non-vegetarian,like dal or any gravy dish. An easy way to add protein to ones daily diet is by adding to preparations like chapatti, poorie, paratha, dosa, idli, etc. One can even add it to foodstuffs like dhokla, mathry, murukku, biscuits, cakes, etc.No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Sweeteners. No Preservatives. No Starch, No Corn, No Milk, No Lactose, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish, No Porcine.
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