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PPD & Ammonia Free Natural Hair Color

PPD & Ammonia Free Natural Hair Color

PPD and Ammonia free hair color discount






VEGETAL BIO COLOUR is 100% natural formation developed in collaboration with Saba Botanical of USA. Its main ingredients are Indigo, Henna, Madder, catechu and Coffee. All these ingredients are time tested natural dyes for ages by human. It falls under Semi permanent hair dye category. The product is further added with medicinal herbs like Shikakai, Amla, Brahmi and Bhringraj which are known for their medicinal values in hair application.

Vegetal is tested for PPD, Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide by SGS India Ltd. Test results were negative confirming the absence of PPD Peroxide, Ammonia and other oxidative components related to p-phenylenediamine.

VEGETAL BIO COLOUR is a time product. Since its Launch in 2010, it has become popular in many countries and has millions of satisfied customer from all across the globe.

No case of any adverse reaction/ sensitization is reported so far.

Many customers have switched to VEGETAL BIO COLOUR after suffering from allergies from chemical hair dyes.


Following are some of the key features of Vegetal Bio colour.

• World’s first PPD free and ammonia free hair colour recommended by Skin Doctors

• 100% natural and chemical free hair colour with natural hair colour agent like Indigo and Coffee

•  No use of parabens, chemicals, or synthetic colours

• Provides protection against UV rays keeping the natural luster intact

Covers your grey hair and stops further greying of hair

• Natural ingredients like amla and shikakai control hair fall and dandruff and regains natural luster of hair

• Provides up to 100% grey coverage with no ammonia and peroxide

• Enriched with natural proteins that nourish your hair and scalp


Available in 3 shades in India: Soft Black , Burgendy and Dark Brown

Package Options : 150g, 50g , 25g (depending on length of hair). 

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