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Kokos Natural

Kokos Natural

Kokos Natural is an export and retail house dealing in natural & organic products. The company offers a global platform to Food & Wellness products via its commendable sourcing & supply chain capabilities. We strive to bring about a healthy change in food industry by introducing natural and organic foods.
We aim to globalize our products in the near future and promote the diversity into healthy living.
We believe in producing quality-based organic products that are health oriented and high on taste. Kokos Natural offers an exclusive range of healthy organic foods that are high in their value offering.

Kokos Natural is focused towards two main areas.
Minimum Refinement
Refining or over-processing foods strips away the healthy minerals and vitamins from our food making them obsolete to consume. Less refinement leads to greater nourishment.
High health benefits
Every product offered by Kokos Natural is enriched with great health benefits, creating a great substitute for the ‘general store’ bought products that is doing more harm to your health than good.

organic coconut sugar, Himalayan pink salt, raw banana flour

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